Use Your Voice Mission Statement

Use Your Voice is the 21st-century platform allowing citizens to organize outside the corrupt two party system.

Use Your Voice will identify candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives beyond the professional political class and get them elected. The Republican and Demotratic parties operate under antiquated rules designed to limit citizen input and maintain political gridlock. Undocumented caucus votes and six-hour lines to participate in primaries should not define our political process in the time of Uber and Skype.

The number of U.S. voters identifying as independent is far greater than the number who identify as Republican or Democrat1. This plurality of voters often support a blend of political solutions not represented by the polarized priorities of the major parties.

It’s time to organize independent political goals and energy into a powerful force for political change.

Join Use Your Voice if you agree that …

  • True political change must be independent of the rigid interests of either major party
  • Enduring political change must include a long-term strategy with realistic and achievable goals not possible in our current broken system
  • Effective political change must be based on a dynamic platform designed through the participation of millions of concerned Americans/citizens/voters. collective collaboration
  • Honest political change must be funded transparently by a broad base of individual supporters
  • Genuine political change can only succeed through a mix of open online and in-person organizing

Finally, democracy only works if you Use Your Voice to take control of your government and invite friends and family to use their voices, too!

Join us today in building an independent future for American politics.

1  As reported by Pew Research Center, in 2014 39% of U.S. voters identified as independent compared to 32% identifying as Democrat and 23% identifying as Republican.